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Dr. Frank G. Bercha, PhD, PEng

Dr Bercha completed his PhD (Civil Engineering, Continuum Mechanics) at the University of Calgary in 1972, preceded by his 1963 BASc (Physics)  at  the University of British Columbia. More recently, in 2012, he completed a DSc in Architecture by correspondence at the Atlantic International University. Dr Bercha has been the principal engineer and president of the Bercha Group since 1975. Additionally, he has served as principal engineer or project manager for over 400 engineering and risk assessment projects over a 50-year period in Canada and internationally. He has had responsibility for up to 150 employees and subcontract personnel in national and international locations. Currently his specialized consulting practice provides national and international engineering and risk and reliability services.
     Dr. Bercha provides principal engineering services on projects requiring technical specialization in oil and gas engineering, ice mechanics, risk and reliability assessment, integrated human factors and reliability, advanced statistical methods, offshore engineering, pipeline engineering, and constructability for unique conditions. He has successfully provided innovative solutions to complex engineering problems and developed new methods for better assessment and management of risks associated with large industrial projects and machine-man interactions. Dr Bercha is at the leading edge of development of safety systems for offshore oil and gas installations. He has served as chair of the ISO WG8 Technical Panel 2a developing international standards for Arctic offshore reliability, and actively participates in various national and international professional technical societies. He has authored over 150 refereed publications, and has written two books: Risk Analysis Methods and Applications and Building Safety Architecture.
     His general background includes  over 50-years varied engineering experience involving project management, design, resident engineering, research, teaching, technology transfer, and expert consulting and testimony. Principal project applications include offshore structures in open water and marine ice and iceberg polluted waters, exploratory drilling, offshore oil and gas facilities, hydrocarbon pipelines, road, marine, and air transportation systems, and power generation facilities in North America and worldwide. Dr. Bercha is experienced in polar, temperate, and equatorial onshore and offshore environments, with extensive experience throughout Canada, US-Alaska, Gulf, and California locations, and the Russian Arctic. Dr. Bercha has also carried out projects in southeast Asia, Australia, South America, and Europe.
     As president of the Bercha Group since 1975, he has substantial experience in business management, finance, negotiation, technical writing and presentations, and business development. Dr. Bercha was previously employed in executive and technical positions by leading engineering or research organizations, including Acres Consulting Services Limited (1972-5), University of Calgary Faculty of Engineering (1969-72), Pipeline Technologists Ltd (1966-9), and Foundation Engineering Corporation (1963-6).


Milan Cerovsek, BSc, MSc, PEng

Mr. Cerovsek has over 25 years experience in risk and reliability engineering in a variety of transportation, oil and gas, offshore production, aeronautical, and civil and municipal projects with emphasis on engineering reliability, risk analysis, economics, and statistical methods. He completed his BS. in mechanical engineering in 1983, and MSc in mechanical engineering in the area of reliability analysis at the University of Belgrade in his native Yugoslavia. He is a member of APPEGGA, and has participated in over 50 projects primarily in risk assessment with the Bercha Group since his association began in 1993. He has been responsible for the development of computer simulation models, including probabilistic and Monte Carlo algorithms, for risk, reliability, and cost-benefit assessments. Major projects in which he has participated have included the EER systems and human performance reliability analysis for Transport Canada, the Sable Offshore Energy Project Safety Case, risk assessments of various pipeline and multi-modal transportation systems, and economic risk and cost-benefit analyses for transportation systems, offshore projects, pipelines, and multi-modal systems. He has over 15 national and international technical publications, and has co-authored numerous project reports. His general engineering experience includes design of mechanical systems, avionics, risk and reliability analysis, HAZID and HAZOPs, ergonomic simulation, and project management.

Dr. John Morrall, PhD, PEng, Transportation

Dr. Morrall is adjunct professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary and provides specialist transportation consulting services to the Bercha Group. Following graduation from Carleton University in 1966, he was employed as a Transportation Engineer with the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Transportation Study and the Department of Highways of Ontario. He joined the University of Calgary after completing his Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo. He was a visiting fellow at the Australian Road Research Board in 1984 and 1985. In 1996 he was a visiting professor at the School of Mountain Highway Engineering at the National University of San Juan, Argentina. His research and professional interests include all aspects of the planning, design, and economics of rural and urban highways. In particular, his highway interests have focused on rural two-lane highways. He has been on project teams evaluating the need for and location of passing lanes in Alberta, B.C., the Mountain National Parks, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Montana and California. Other projects of note have included risk assessments for posted, FLB, gated, and other typical level road-railway crossings (with Bercha), assessment of risks and operational impacts of natural gas pipelines in road right of ways (with Bercha), an investigation of side friction demanded and margin of safety on horizontal curves, a study of long combination vehicles on two-lane highways, development of slow moving vehicle model for Highway 63, and determination of passenger car equivalents for recreational vehicles for Alberta Transportation and Utilities. Studies for Parks Canada have included development of a system of passing lanes for the Trans-Canada Highway, Kootenay Parkway and the Icefields Parkway in the Mountain National Parks. Also for Parks Canada he developed a traffic management plan for traffic control during avalanche stabilization in Rogers Pass.
      He is a registered professional engineer in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, a member of numerous national and international professional societies, including the Transportation Association of Canada, and has published or presented over 80 papers in his areas of specialization.

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