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1975 -

Founded by Dr. F.G. Bercha, P.Eng. Specialized in Arctic offshore and petroleum engineering.

1978 -

Diversified into risk analysis and remote sensing.

1980 -

Acquired its own airborne multisensor system including side looking airborne radar (SLAR) in a Gulfstream G-1 aircraft.

1982 -

Active in South East Asia and South America with branch offices since 1988.

1984 -

Involved in engineering of most North American Arctic offshore developments and major pipeline projects.

1985 -

Expanded risk assessment to loss prevention and reliability engineering.

1989 -

Formed Bercha Malaysia Joint Venture with Antah Holdings.

1990 -

Developed industry and international partnerships in risk assessment.

1991 -

Major international training programs in risk and pipeline engineering.

1997 -

Established unique complementary capabilities in risk, hydrocarbon, and Arctic engineering.

2000 -

Bercha Group 25th Anniversary
The Bercha Group has successfully completed over 500 projects for oil companies, government agencies, and private clients in its areas of specialization.

2014 -

Celebrating 40 years of consulting excellence!

We continue to provide world-class services in risk analysis, pipeline, offshore, and Arctic engineering, and geomatics.

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