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The Bercha Group's clients range from industrial to government, both in Canada and worldwide. A partial list of our clients is presented below. We have provided consulting services to many of our clients since the Bercha Group's early years; we are pleased to continue to work with these and many new clients into the 21st Century.


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Below is a partial listing of clients we have worked for.

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  • Alberta Energy Company

  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board

  • Amoco Petroleum Co. Ltd.

  • Arco Alaska

  • Association of Latin American Oil Companies (ARPEL)

  • ATCO Pipelines

  • ATRAK Energy Limited

  • Berkley Petroleum Inc.

  • Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison

  • Canadian Energy and Pipeline Association

  • Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.

  • Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.

  • Centurion Energy International Inc.

  • Chauvco Resources Ltd.

  • City of Edmonton

  • City of Hermosa Beach

  • Cochrane Lake Gas Co-operative Ltd.

  • Conoco Exploration Company

  • County of Santa Barbara

  • CS Resources Ltd.

  • DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada Limited

  • Delcan/Stone & Webster

  • Department of National Defence, U.S. Air Force

  • Department of Regional Industrial Expansion, Canada

  • Dogpound Local Intervention Committee

  • Dome Petroleum Ltd.

  • Dow Chemicals

  • East Calgary Sour Gas Investigation Committee

  • Energy Resources Conservation Board


  • Esso Resources Canada Limited

  • European Space Agency

  • Exxon Company, USA

  • Federated Pipe Lines Ltd.

  • Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.

  • Golden Star Resources

  • Government of Alberta

  • Government of British Columbia

  • Government of Canada

  • Government of Indonesia

  • Government of Malaysia

  • Government of Newfoundland

  • Government of Northwest Territories

  • Government of Prince Edward Island

  • Government of South Australia

  • Government of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Government of Venezuela

  • Gulf Canada

  • Heritage Gas

  • Husky Oil

  • Imperial Oil Resources Limited, Pipelines Operations 

  • Institute for Technology Development (NASA)

  • Interprovincial Pipe Line Company

  • Jacques Whitford Environmental Consultant

  • KTA (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd.

  • London Occupational Safety and Health Group

  • Marathon Oil

  • Maritimes & Northeast Pipelines

  • McLeay Geological Services Limited

  • Melville Shipping Ltd.

  • Ministerio del Ambiente y de los Recursos, Naturales Renovables (MARNR)

  • Mobil Oil Corporation

  • Mofaz Group 

  • Monenco-Agra Inc.

  • National Energy Board of Canada

  • National Research Council of Canada

  • Norcen Resources Ltd.

  • Northwestern Utilities Limited

  • Nova Corporation of Alberta

  • Numac Petroleum Ltd.

  • Offshore Petroleum and Investment Corp.

  • Ontario Nuclear Safety Royal Commission

  • Panarctic Oils

  • PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd.

  • Peace Pipeline Ltd.

  • Pembina Resources Limited

  • Petro-Canada Oil and Gas

  • Petronas Snd Bhd

  • Phillips Petroleum Company

  • Phoenix Resources, Malaysia

  • Plains Pipelines Ltd.

  • Port Simpson Indian Band Council

  • Public Works Canada

  • Ranger Oil Ltd.

  • Reid Crowther and Partners Ltd.

  • Royal Commission on the Ocean Ranger Marine Disaster

  • Sable Offshore Energy Project

  • Shell Canada Limited

  • Sohio Petroleum Company

  • Southern Pacific Railways

  • Sun Malaysia Petroleum Company

  • Suncor Inc. Resources Group

  • Syncrude Canada Ltd.

  • TransAlta Utilities

  • TransGas Ltd.

  • Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc.

  • Transportation Association of Canada

  • Transportation Development Centre

  • Tri Ocean Engineering

  • U.P. Environmental Services Sdn. Bhd.

  • U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service

  • U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

  • U.S. Department of the Navy

  • UMM - AL  Jawwaby Oil Company 

  • Union Gas

  • United Nations Development Programme

  • Waha Oil Company

  • Wascana Resources Limited

  • Westcoast Energy Inc.

  • Zueitina Oil Company

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