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Bercha Group engineering involvement in Arctic and northern marine projects dates back to its inception in 1975. Since then the Group has been involved in most major offshore projects in North American marine regions, providing a variety of ice, iceberg, and structural engineering services.

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Our Arctic engineering services include:

  • Ice and iceberg structure interaction simulation

  • Detailed ice engineering design parameters

  • Ice condition site and route surveys and surveillance

  • Conceptual design and structural system selection

  • Ice and environmental design parameters

  • Preliminary engineering design

  • Probabilistic ice force and pressure predictions

  • Risk and safety analysis of offshore systems

  • Arctic EER simulation

  • EER in ice

  • Arctic regulatory development


Arctic Monocone


Artificial islands and atolls, bottom founded structures, and floating and active structures in regions ranging from Marginal Ice Zones to the High Arctic multiyear pack ice or iceberg populated waters off the East Coast are covered by our ice engineering experience. Our experience has provided our ice engineering team with unique and comprehensive qualifications applicable to any phase of Arctic engineering, from conceptual design to operational support.

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Ice pile-up on SSDC


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