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The Bercha Group has extensive experience in the design and implementation of specialized training and technology transfer programs nationally and internationally.

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Programs staged range from one-day on-site seminars conducted by Bercha expert instructors, to six to twelve month resident training programs based at Bercha offices. All aspects of the training programs including curriculum design, preparation of training books and materials, lectures and tutorials, hands-on training, work on sample projects, evaluation, and certification by the Bercha Institute are included. English language training may be included.

Specialized areas of training encompass the following:

  • Risk analysis, assessment and management

  • Simulation and numerical analysis

  • Environmental protection and public safety

  • Frontier and ice engineering


The Bercha Group has successfully completed numerous national and international training programs illustrated by the following selection:

Dr. Bercha presents the Bercha Institute Certificate

  • Hazard Analysis Fundamentals and Applications, Plains Marketing, Canada, 2003.

  • HAZOP Leadership Training Program and Workshop, Shell Canada, 1997.

  • Economic Risk Analysis Training Program, Waha Oil Company and Zueitina Oil Company, Libyan students in Canada, 1997, 1991, and 1989.

  • Training Seminar on Risk Management in the Gas Distribution Industry, Union Gas, Canada, 1996.

  • Seminar on Quantitative Risk Analysis for the Preparation of Safety Cases for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities, Petronas, Malaysia, 1994.

  • Joint Venture Technology Transfer Program, CIDA, Malaysia, 1994-1992.

  • Land Use and Resource Management Specialized Training, FAO, China, 1993.

  • Seminar on Risk Analysis Applications in Industry for Public Safety, Environmental Protection and Economic Return, CIDA, Venezuela, 1993.

  • Training Workshop on the Application of Risk Analysis in the Petroleum Industry, ARPEL, Costa Rica, 1993.

  • Workshop on Risk Assessment Principles, Esso Resources Canada Limited, Canada, 1990.

  • Fault Tree Analysis Training Course, NOVA and Resources Assurance Management Ltd., Canada, 1989, 1988, and 1987.

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